Artem Patlazhan

Artem Patlazhan

Graphic Design in Toronto



Sondor is a nurturing digital community where individuals come together in search of solace and support. More than just a platform, Sondor represents a shared journey towards empathy and connection, connecting those in need with compassionate guides.


Hostel Studio is a pioneering digital platform that redefines creative collaboration, offering a unique virtual residency for graphic designers, brand strategists, and art directors.


BARE, the brainchild of Alex Harper, a renowned tattoo artist and minimalist art aficionado. Born in the vibrant streets of New York, BARE is more than a tattoo salon; it's a movement. It's where minimalism meets the art of tattooing, creating pieces that speak volumes in whispers.


2023 in '36 Days of Type' has been exceptionally rewarding. My work was not only a personal exploration but also gained recognition, being featured twice on the official 36 Days of Type Instagram account.


Alto: a dynamic project management platform where simplicity meets functionality. Designed with a focus on adaptability and user-centricity, Alto offers a modular approach to project management.


In collaboration with the talented Arno Lim from Antwerp, we've crafted the unique brand identity for LIM Studio. Inspired by a striking feature in Arno's studio – perforated sheets – this design symbolizes the fusion of precision and creativity, central to the studio's innovative approach to bio-design.


Clearco (previously ClearBanc) is the largest ecommerce investor in the world. The creative direction pays homage to ClearBanc’s original branding that eluded to perforation, transparency, clartity, and builds onto this brand equity by flipping the switch, placing founders on the stage, shining the brightest lights onto them. As heros. As role models. As stars. Clearco is the evolution of all the data, all of the fundrasing, all of the knowledge, and all of the founder relationships ClearBanc have built.


Fungi Education, an educational platform where the mysteries of fungi come to life. Tasked with creating an identity for this unique venture, I embraced the challenge with a clear vision: to distill the brand to its essence and highlight its distinctiveness. The journey led to a meticulously crafted logo, embodying the intricate beauty of fungi and the essence of the educational platform.


morn. a mindfulness app designed to transform your mornings. In creating Morn., I embraced a dual role: developing the app and crafting its distinct brand identity. Our aim was simplicity and serenity, mirroring the essence of mindfulness. The app's minimalist design promotes a clutter-free, calming experience, offering a peaceful start to each day.


Brand identity of Ukraine's premier Patlazhan Clinic, where plastic surgery meets precision and artistry. Tasked with conveying the delicacy of surgical procedures, I approached the brand identity with the precision of a surgeon. A notable challenge was the clinic's wordmark, where the 'L' and 'A' disrupted the visual balance. With a 'surgical' intervention, I redefined these letters, enhancing harmony and elegance. This meticulous approach extended to packaging and marketing materials, reflecting the clinic's commitment to professionalism and excellence.


Lake Finance, a pioneering fintech startup reshaping the crypto world with a unique AI algorithm for dynamic portfolio rebalancing. Our collaboration has been instrumental in crafting a brand that mirrors this innovative technology and its revolutionary impact on finance. Together, we're positioning Lake Finance at the forefront of AI-driven cryptocurrency management, leading the charge towards a smarter financial future.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Toronto, ON

We believe that creativity is an open form of expression. We are a multidisciplinary design studio which focuses on delivering creative work that aligns with our clients' vision.

We partner with artists, founders, startups and enterprises to unleash the untapped potential of their next big idea.

We approach every project with curiosity, excitement, openness, humility and respect. Each project is unique, so we begin with an open framework to design personalized solutions tailored to your needs.

Our studio is an open invitation to create, explore, and form lasting bonds.

Let’s chat.

2023 — Now
Toronto, ON

We are an independent, Toronto-based agency dedicated to transforming the digital landscape, one brand at a time. We create brands from scratch and help existing businesses to reinvent themselves. Our aim is to design timeless brands that empower our clients to establish a strong digital presence, resonating with their audience.

2021 — 2023
Toronto, ON

As a team leader, spearheaded numerous projects that not only contributed to heightened recognition in the fintech space but also led to a substantial increase in ROI. Played a pivotal role in the successful rebranding initiative, which transformed ClearBanc into Clearco, and contributed to a diverse range of creative projects, encompassing digital advertisements, social media animations, and informative explainer videos.

2020 — 2021
Toronto, ON
  • Assisted the Creative Director on developing and producing display graphics, event brochures, social media graphics for CIFAR’s brand revamp.

  • Conceptualized and implemented a dynamic way of communicating visual storytelling through animated graphics.

  • Developed presentations for a variety of settings.

  • Effectively translated subject matter into the concrete design for e-blasts, web materials and print collateral.

2019 — 2020
Toronto, ON

Contributing to a wide array of freelance and contract projects. My focus primarily revolved around branding initiatives within the cultural, healthcare, and various other sectors. Notable responsibilities included the creation of compelling logo designs, dynamic animations, as well as the development of print collateral and editorial designs.

2018 — 2019
Toronto, ON
  • Brainstormed, conceptualized and executed a strong brand aligned with strategy and visual identity.

  • Designed website, mobile app UI / UX and social media assets in static and motion applications.

  • Worked closely with founders and in-house design team on negotiating and executing design projects for numerous clients from around the globe.


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