Arne Molland

Arne Molland

CTO/Software/Product engineering in Bergen, Norway, He/him

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Engineer, CTO, product person, into making lovable products and tools.

Work Experience

2024 — Now

Founder and product resource for hire at M&Co.

Responsible for day-to-day operations, resource management, sales, project follow-ups, lead potato (design, engineering, project management) for a small team of creatives and engineers.

2021 — Now
Bergen, Norway

Currently CTO and Co-founder at Gameflow, the home of esports. Digital platform connecting all facets of the esports industry, from brands, teams, tournament organisers, content creators and of course, the fans.

In this role, I've been shaping our technology strategy and driving our platform's evolution to cater to our diverse and dynamic user base. During my venture, I have;

Actively collaborated with the leadership team to secure vital capital through fundraising initiatives with both angels, VCs and other institutional investors, playing a key role in our financial and operational growth. Instrumental in formulating and executing high-level decisions that fueled company growth, fostering our strong culture of innovation and high performance.

Led a team of 8 highly skilled engineers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, acting not only as an active contributor myself but as an advisor and a leader as well.

Championed the integration of essential compliance measures including SOC-2, GDPR and ISO 27001, ensuring robust data security and privacy practices. Designed and implemented Confidential Compute frameworks to further enhance data protection and trust in key areas and pipelines.

Designed and executed the platform architecture alongside my colleagues; established a graph-based, globally scaled data structure with realtime elements. Actively involved in every part of the experience, from backend systems, media pjpelines, data engineering, web development and mobile development.

Designed and deployed an internal developer platform, enhancing team productivity and collaboration. Created a comprehensive metrics and analytics platform, enabling data-driven decision-making and rapid iterations. Implemented monitoring and alert systems to ensure high reliability, availability and performance standards. Established and maintained stringent SLOs, SLAs and SLIs, ensuring high service reliability for our third-party customers.

2024 — 2024

Led the team responsible for the video/live components on the Vimond VIA platform.

Enabled and supported a team of 4-5 engineers.

Implemented live production workflows with an emphasis on low-latency video streaming, emerging protocols and WebRTC.

2021 — 2022
Bergen, Norway

Senior Consultant at Sonat, a local agency providing services for some of the most prominent companies in the region. Actively participated and drove efforts for upskilling employees; asserting Sonat and its people as market leaders.

For details on my consultancy work during my venture at Sonat, see my other work sxperience.

2022 — 2022
Bergen, Norway

Implemented cross-platform mobile and web application for private health consultation, using React Native. Included implementation of an internal design system as well as involvement in key decisions made for product development; playing a key role in enabling the vision of the founders and leadership.

2021 — 2021
Bergen, Norway

Data Engineer working on TV2's internal analytics platform. Implemented data processing pipelines, monitoring systems and data tools (largely) using Go, ElasticSearch, gRPC, BigQuery among others.

Enabled stakeholders and TV2/Egmont leadership in making data-driven decisions and providing context to key decision making processes.

2021 — 2021
Bergen, Norway

Role as technical advisor and software engineer providing expertise within digital identities and digital signatures in Norway.

Implemented integrations with Norway's BankID digital ID system; guided stakeholders and leadership and acted as a security advisor during my short venture.

2019 — 2021
Bergen, Norway

All-round engineer working on native apps and microservices. Progressed into making tightly integrated product/design tools and mobile implementations of DNB's Design System, Eufemia.

Played a key role in designing and implementing DNB Bedrift's ERP and accounting system integrations used by tens of thousands of small- and medium sized business owners and stakeholders in Norway. Primary driver for change in various areas and championed initiatives with the leadership team in order to foster performance, speed and innovation.

Involved in DNB's cloud journey migrating largely on-premise workloads to AWS.

Did extensive recruiting work such as creating and hosting workshops, stands, designed and implemented games and digital lotteries. Spearheaded and implemented a recruitment platform aimed for engineering talent.

2018 — 2018
Dublin, Ireland

Internship at Google Dublin as a software engineer working on Unified Traffic for the Google Global Networking team.

Key areas of work include working on lower-level network-related problems such as solver algorithms, network coordination/management and availability improvement mechanisms. Took part in implementing distributed systems mainly using C++ and some OpenCL C.

Side Projects


The i18n platform for developers. Currently building as a hobby, aiming for launch next summer.


2019 — Now
Chairman at YoungTech Bergen
Bergen, Norway

Initiator and chairman of YoungTech Bergen, a community for young technologists in the Bergen region to learn, share and grow.


2017 — 2020
Bergen, Norway

Took my bachelors degree in Computer Science while working on different side projects. Graduated with a paper, co-authored with 3 graduates, on predicting revenue based on real-time Point-of-Sale data leveraging LSTM- and deep-learning networks, including a complete ML workflow pipeline built on top of Kubernetes and KubeFlow. Authored on behalf of DNB.


2017 — 2018
Xamarin Mobile Professional from Microsoft


Mobile animations, done right at Sonat Fagdag

Had a keynote and follow-up in-depth workshop on interactive details and animations in mobile apps; importance of gestures and feedback, how animation can lift the experience from good to great and more importantly: how to do it.

Implementation and showcases using platform-native animation APIs such as SwiftUI, Compose, react-native-reanimated and Flutter, as well as animation frameworks like Rive, Lottie and lastly using raw media.

How machines talk at KarriereDagen NTNU

A thorough explanation of how modern machines talk; an introduction to hardware, networking, software abstractions and APIs. Finished off with a REST-based treasure hunt game designed for an interactive, playful hands-on experience with HTTP APIs.

Intended for Computer Science graduates at NTNU.