Arpit Gupta

Arpit Gupta

Product & Design System Designer in India


An engineer turned self-taught Product designer for more than 8 years. I design scalable products systematically and currently building an omniverse of tools for Design system designers and developers.

Work Experience

2015 — Now

A creative design agency

2023 — 2023
Remote, India

Lead Product Designer

DesignOps and Design Systems Lead

  • Took charge of my own vertical, overseeing Design Systems (Magpie) and Design Ops (Project Peregrine).

  • Laid the foundations for a scalable system, with an emphasis on consistency, adaptability, and accessibility in design principles.

  • Created, managed, and advocated a Design System for a team of 8+ designers & 40+ developers.

  • Played a vital role as DSM during design process for BirdAI.

2021 — 2023
Remote, India Scaling:

  • Designed and scaled from 15,000 users to nearly 400,000 users.

    User-Centric Approach:

    • Conducted user research to inform design decisions.

    • Developed wireframes and prototypes for comprehensive design solutions.

    • Conducted user testing to validate and refine the design.

    Key Feature Designs:

    • Enhanced the search functionality for improved user experience.

    • Implemented the capability to generate AI projects briefs directly from URLs.

    • Designed and implemented an AI-powered resume builder for Pepper Content.

    • Streamlined and improved the user experience for creating and managing content.

    • Developed features for the generation of long-form AI-driven content.

2020 — 2021
Remote, India

Product Design Contributions:

  • Designed the Event Dashboard for community managers.

  • Led live stage experience from end to end interactions for every stakeholder.

  • Enabled streaming and presenting of both live and pre-recorded videos.

  • Integrations, SSO and Video background management.

  • Implemented event customization based on themes, reducing support team effort for section management.

  • Strategized the flow for organizers, providing guidance and support in design-related aspects.

Design System and Organization:

  • Founded the Design System and implemented a file organization system for the Airmeet Design Team.

  • Standardized the product design language across the company through Design-Dev sessions.

  • Conducted mentorship sessions for Product and Engineering Teams.

2019 — 2020

Kite Tab - Corporate Expense Management:

  • Contributed to the development of Kite Tab, a corporate expense management system utilized by prominent brands like Kotak AMC, GAP, Radisson, and more. Kite Tab

    Kite Prepaid - Prepaid Platform:

    • Played a key role in the creation of Kite Prepaid, a platform enabling brands to issue non-taxable cards, including meal cards, to employees, vendors, etc. Kite Prepaid

    Design Language Standardization:

    • Standardized the product design language across the company through Design-Dev sessions.

    • Conducted mentorship sessions for Product and Engineering Teams.

    Modular Design System Implementation:

    • Introduced a modular Design System to Kite.

    • Implemented the UI Design kit in the Prepaid Product and made it scalable for the transition of Tab to the new design system.

2018 — 2019
  • Designed and managed the brand identity.

  • Spearheaded the complete revamp of the mobile app, from ideation to final execution.

  • Created a system in Adobe creative cloud apps and Invision DSM to ensure the product and brand produce a single family of designs.

  • Managed a team of graphic and product designers, ensuring collaborative success.

2017 — 2017
Fullstack design intern at AYA's Gold

Scaled product design and defined GTM strategy


2021 — Now
Remote, Worldwide
2023 — 2023
Visiting Faculty for BDes and MDes at DIT UNIVERSITY
Dehradun, India
  • Conducted sessions on Design Systems.

  • Taught Digital Product Design in the context of companies and startups.

  • Shared insights on starting and running your design agency.

2019 — 2021
2019 — 2021
Delhi, India

Mentored 4 batches for UI Classes.

  • Shared insights on Color Theory.

  • Explored Biomimicry in design.

  • Delved into Typography principles.

  • Covered various other aspects of design.


2014 — 2018
Delhi, India


Design system consultation at Vinamilk (Flying saints)

Consulted for crafting and managing multi-branded design system under The Design Lake


Under The Design Lake


Crossed 250K+ Views combined on multi-channel platforms.