Antonio Vidakovic

Antonio Vidakovic

Senior UX/UI designer in Split, Croatia


With four years of UX/UI design experience, I focus on crafting designs that not only look great but also serve user and business needs. At companies like Hunter & Companion GmbH and Locastic, I’ve led projects that marry form and function, ensuring every design decision is purposeful and impactful.

I’m all about the craft—using tools like Figma and Notion to iterate and refine until the design feels just right. I believe in collaboration and constant learning, staying hip to the latest trends while grounded in solving core user problems.

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Work Experience

2023 — Now

Working as UX/UI designer on cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile applications for hunting. Some of the things that I'm in charge of are: User research, UX and UI design work on existing and new features, developing design system(supporting iOS, Android, and Web app), and internal testing.

Tools I use: Figma,, Miro, and Notion.

2022 — 2023
Split, Croatia

Taking a leadership role in the end-to-end design process (UX, CX, UI) across diverse projects, including B2B SaaS, E-commerce, and Mobile apps. Assisting clients in validating problems and ideas, conducting research, defining strategy, and crafting user-oriented products and services.

2022 — 2022

Contributed to the development of cloud management web applications and marketing websites. Involved in user research, creating user flows, wireframing, designing high-fidelity interfaces, establishing a design system, and prototyping.

2020 — 2022
Trogir, Croatia

Responsible for graphic design (online and print) utilizing Adobe CC and Figma. Transitioned into UX/UI design for diverse online (websites) and offline products (services). Proficient in digital advertising on Google (search and display campaigns) and Facebook/Instagram.

2018 — 2019
Zagreb, Croatia

Worked on online and print media using tools such as Adobe CC and Figma. Managing digital advertising campaigns on Google (search and display) as well as Facebook/Instagram.

Side Projects


Currently working as a solo contract designer on the product.
During my work, I managed to:

  • Establish a custom design system in Figma from the ground up that is in complete sync with shadcn/ui and built in collaboration with the dev team.

  • Restructure of app architecture together with the founder to increase ease of navigation for the user and enable scalability of the product

  • Redesign of application general layout that resulted in a much cleaner visual hierarchy and readability

  • Currently working on the design of new modules inside the application


Worked as a solo contract designer on the product.
During my work, I managed to:

  • Establish a full design system in Figma from the ground up that supported the platform's and marketing website's design.

  • Redesign of the Admin panel's UX and UI resulted in an increase in trial sign-ups, which was the main obstacle to growth.

  • Simplification of the user flows for certain modules inside the platform and design of new modules from the ground up in close collaboration with the CTO.

  • Marketing website redesign


Talk on the topic of how the design process looks like in a software development agency, and of course, Figma tips and tricks.



The idea is both simple and complex: a dedicated space to manage all your files in one location rather than embedding views and using links. If you’re already using this platform, why should you have to leave it just to access files stored on iCloud Drive, Google Drive, or local downloads?


Dear Apple, the chances that you will read this are near zero, put the power of sharing could do its own things, and you will ask yourself why you are even reading this sentence, but it’s worth it.

Product Designer from Dribbble


2017 — 2020
Master Degree at Zagreb School of Business
Zagreb, Croatia

Marketing and communications

2013 — 2016
Bachelor’s Degree at Libertas Business school
Zagreb, Croatia

Business economics