Anton Balakin

Anton Balakin

Product Designer


As a senior product designer, I'm very passionate about designing things from scratch to production with high attention to details.

I like both to work with early-stage startups and established products that are focused to create a magnificent user experience and achieve business goals.

Top skills-sets: user interviews, UX-testing, competitive research, JTBD, product design and prototyping.



Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Remote, Part-time

I designed the MVP of the video-resume platform from scratch and created a few main scenarios for the app.

You can check testimonials from my colleagues right in my Heyo profile:

2022 — 2022

I designed MVP which was converted in a seed investment round, created main landing pages for talents and employers, and also helped to launch some new features. As a team, we reached more than 10k users just in a few months.

2021 — 2022

In collab w/ Squad Design Agency

I designed new features, built a basis for a large component-based UI kit, helped to change some key metrics: raised a conversion rate from trial to paid users x2, reduced churn of new clients from 21% to 9.8%, and others

2021 — 2021

In collab w/ Squad Design Agency

Made competitive research, organized user interviews to test first product hypotheses, using JTBD prioritized product features, and designed MVP of cross-platform mobile app for online therapy.

2020 — 2020

In collab w/ Squad Design Agency

Made a redesign of the main landing pages, and made clickable prototypes for mobile and desktop layouts.

Side Projects


Co-produced a documentary about Ural Soviet Design in 60-80s



Organized an exhibition about Soviet design in the 1960-80s



My interview about the exhibition [rus]