Anna Benami

Anna Benami

UX Designer in Washington, DC, She, her


An Experience Designer who believes that creating aesthetically pleasing and functional connections between users and the product truly delivers enduring and impressionable value. Drawing from 10+ years in fashion & concept design and 3 years in UX/UI in a fast-paced agency and in-house environments, my experiences have given me a broad perspective on the iterative product development process. I put human needs first in the holistic business strategy, second to business viability and technical feasibility. I ask the all-empowering Why to incorporate that understanding into every aspect of my process and drive business growth.

• 3 years in UX/UI design in an agency and in-house environment, B2C, B2B, B2B2C
• 10+ years in fashion design, concept design, omni-channel retail, B2C

Work Experience

2021 — Now
2019 — 2020
2004 — 2016
Helsinki, Finland

-Branding and concept design with 20-40% yearly growth
-Business and process development with a 58% increase in units
-Creative vision & design of multiple fashion brands valued up to $8M