Anna Filou

Anna Filou

UI Designer in Athens, Greece


I do UI/Product Design and front-of-the-front-end development. I sweat the small things while keeping the big-picture in mind.

Work isn't everything, but if I'm gonna do something, I'd rather do it right.

Over the years I've developed a bunch of different skill sets, which I try to balance and combine as best as I can.

🇺🇸🇬🇷 - Fluent
🇩🇪 - Advanced
🇳🇱 - Can understand
🇯🇵 - Elementary


Ecommerce Design System at Shopflix
Product Information Management (PIM) System at Shopflix

Designed a PIM system from scratch in close collaboration with the Project Leader, following the Atomic Design methodology.


The Newsroom is a small start-up with a big mission: reduce bias in news reporting by highlighting multiple perspectives across publications.


I designed the Airboxr web app from scratch in Figma, with the helpful feedback and guidance of one of the co-founders.

Side Projects


I'm aiming to create a resource that debunks misconceptions in a polite and understanding way, as you might try to explain to your prejudiced—but actually kind—relatives.

A link that you can post under ignorant comments on social media to educate, without wasting time and effort to gather references from the ground up, or sanity to argue about your right to live freely.


I love sketching and prototyping apps I'd like to use. Mostly related to productivity. My most recent designs are for an hourly time tracker and a planner app that automatically prioritizes your tasks.

Check them out

Some of the people saying / making really cool stuff that I've met or e-met 🌟

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Athens, Greece

Shopflix is a Greek online marketplace with millions of products.

My work here includes:

  • Re-designing the interface for the platformʼs next iteration. (So most of my work hasn't launched publicly yet.)
  • Gradually creating a design system.
  • Creating landing pages and marketing assets.
  • Re-designing internal tools for ease of use.
2020 — Now

Working with local and international clients to design apps and build websites when time allows.

2021 — 2023
B2B & B2C Distributor in Amsterdam, NL
  • Designed and developed the company's websites and presentations, helping to close high-value deals, totaling hundreds of thousands of Euros.
  • Acted as the primary contact for multiple suppliers, fostering relationships that sustained competitive pricing and smooth collaboration.
  • Created and managed the company's lightweight ERP system in, ensuring real-time accessibility of critical data for reporting and tax audits.
  • Oversaw complex Business Operations, including the procurement and logistics of merchandise, with a total value in the millions, spanning from China to Europe and within Europe.
2021 — 2021

Proud to have been a part of the Tempo team.🖤 Even though the project is no longer maintained, I'm happy to see the ideas pioneered by Tempo seeping into new products.

I enjoyed going the extra mile to advise people on how to best take advantage of what Tempo has to offer, and recommending additional, unrelated, products they might enjoy using based on their workflow.

2020 — 2021
Web agency in Athens, Greece
  • Facilitated the team‘s transition from Adobe XD to Figma, enhancing collaboration among designers and with developers.
  • Led website design projects for prestigious clients, such as Dynamiki S.A. (a drink distributor), receiving exceptional feedback.
  • Cut data entry time for large projects from over a week to less than a day by introducing the use of Airtable for simultaneous data uploading to a shared database with colleagues.
2017 — 2020
Designer, Back-Office Manager at Techomax GmbH
B2B Distributor / Re-seller in Vienna, Austria
  • Led the company from just-founded to respectable player in the market by creating a recognizable, friendly brand image across website, emails, invoice templates and more.
  • Created a lightweight ERP on Airtable that allowed us to handle several orders per day, each worth from several thousand up to a million Euros, while keeping customers and logistics partners well-informed.
  • Minimized human error in accounting reports by automating a lot of the back-office using Zapier integrations.