Aniket Agarwal

Aniket Agarwal

Product Designer in Boulder, CO, He/him

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A year ago


Grad Student at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Creative Technology and Design. Trying to create ethical, accessible, and path-breaking design solutions that leverage technology to impact others positively.





Created a reusable design system template in Figma that can be duplicated and customized based on different projects.


Led the UX design for Airtel, India's leading telecommunications company, to create a complete cloud communication suite that helps transform customer engagement for businesses across their preferred channels - calls or SMS and mobile or web app.


Worked with RBL Bank to create India's first credit card with customizable rewards. The user gets to add as many benefits as they like to their card and pay only for what they choose.

Work Experience

2022 — 2022
Teaching Assistant at University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO

Assisted 15+ students in a graduate-level Mobile App Development class by providing hands-on guidance and tutoring, with a focus on passion projects built with the SwiftUI framework for iOS.

2022 — 2022
Arlington, VA

Forum One is a leading design agency that equips mission-driven organizations with transformative digital solutions to amplify their impact.

Streamlined the internal design system process by collaborating with a cross-functional team and creating a customizable starter template in Figma, leading to increased efficiency for both designers and developers, resulting in 10+ hours saved per project.

Elevated client pitches and assisted UI designers in crafting visually stunning concepts and mood-boards with strong attention to detail, resulting in successful collaborations with high-profile organizations such as the Vilcek Foundation and Indianapolis Parks & Recreation.

Enhanced the user experience of the Texas Higher Education Board website by meticulously analyzing audience interviews and generating comprehensive user personas that informed a strategic overhaul of the site's information architecture.

2019 — 2021
Gurugram, India

Onething Design is an award-winning UX design studio that’s innovating extraordinary customer experiences to help brands and startups create value.

Drove exponential growth for industry-leading brands through expertly guiding inclusive and data-driven design, elevating Coca-Cola's delivery app with a staggering 55% increase in downloads and 27% retention boost and propelling Airtel's enterprise SaaS Cloud Platform to an unprecedented 125% surge in end users within its first six months of launch.

Initiated and spearheaded monthly workshops aimed at promoting best practices and design reviews, fostering team collaboration, and ultimately leading to a significant transformation in human-centered design processes.

Demonstrated proficiency in designing high-fidelity interactive prototypes and wireframes that were crucial in collaborating with engineers in an agile, iterative environment and delivering exceptional results, notably the unprecedented launch of India’s first credit card with customizable rewards for RBL Bank.


2021 — 2023
Boulder, CO

Studying Creative Technology and Design with a focus on UX Design.

2015 — 2018
Manchester, UK

Studied IT Management for Business with a specialization in Managerial Economics.

Side Projects


Creating a community-driven social music app where users can share collaborative playlists, reviews, and listening activity with their friends.