Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw

Freelance Product Design in London


My name is Andy Shaw, and I am an independent, end-to-end product designer based in London, working globally. With over 19 years of experience, I specialise in solving complex problems with unobtrusive and intuitive solutions. Over the last five years, I have particularly focused on the finance sector, lending my expertise to projects involving credit scoring, trading platforms, crypto exchanges, financial education, and banking apps.


Build your own bank at Sopra Banking Software

I led the product design team for a cross-platform banking application enabling financial institutions to customize and deploy their own solutions. As the first design hire, I hired and managed a team of 11, directly contributing to key features across iOS, Android, and web platforms. Our work allowed banks to easily select functionalities like current accounts, loans, and cards, mirroring the flexibility of services like Squarespace.

AI-powered platform to accelerate research at Machine Discovery

Joining the Machine Discovery team to enhance their engineering simulation platform across two sprints. Initially, I developed a foundational UI kit aligned with new branding to standardise and refresh existing interface elements. In the second sprint, I focused on improving the core functionality and key screens of the app, significantly elevating the user experience and ensuring the platform's interface was both intuitive and visually coherent.


Adapting a successful UK credit and report app (20+ million users) for the Canadian market. My role involved leading in-depth user interviews and usability testing in Toronto. These efforts were aimed at gathering critical insights on usability, functionality, and overall user experience. Through this process, I identified and addressed key market-specific challenges, ensuring the app’s interface and features resonated well with Canadian users. This initiative not only tailored the app to a new audience but also set a strong foundation for its success in Canada.

Investment insights with TikTok-style short videos at Zeed

Partnering closely with the founders of an early-stage startup to enhance the user experience and interface of an innovative app designed for Gen Z investors. My role was to develop a comprehensive design system and refine the UX/UI, which had been primarily founder-led up until that point. The app delivers investment insights through TikTok-style short videos, appealing directly to the preferences of a younger audience. I ensured that the platform was both engaging and intuitive, facilitating a seamless user journey that aligns with the quick consumption habits of Gen Z.

Enhancing the trading terminal interface and integrating cryptocurrencies at TradeStation

At TradeStation, I redesigned the advanced trading interfaces and integrated cryptocurrency trading into both mobile and web platforms. This involved creating a unified design system. The enhancements have not only modernised the user experience but also expanded the platform's capabilities to include crypto trading, catering to the evolving needs of modern traders.

Personal coaching for weight loss at Fitmate Coach

Collaborating with the founder and product manager at Fitmate, a startup dedicated to motivational coaching for weight loss. I was integral in shaping the initial concept and transforming it into a functional prototype. After extensive user testing, we refined the app further to enhance user experience. Our efforts culminated in a successful launch in the App Store, providing users with personalised coaching to help them adhere to their weight loss plans.

Simplifying crypto trading for beginners at Ziglu

As Head of Design at Ziglu, the first crypto app to hold regulatory registration in both the UK and Europe, I developed the complete design system and led a focused team to create an intuitive app that democratises cryptocurrency trading. Our mission was to make the complex world of crypto accessible to the mass market. The app combines cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange trading alongside traditional banking in one user-friendly platform. This approach not only attracted over 100,000 users within months of launch but also earned us the UX/UI Award at the CryptoAM Awards.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Freelance Product Designer at Unobtrusive Ltd
2020 — 2021
Head of Design at Ziglu (Acquired by Robinhood)
2019 — 2020
Design Lead at ClearScore
2012 — 2019
Head of Product Design at Havas
2009 — 2012
Senior Product Designer at VYRE
2008 — 2009
UX/UI Designer at Ink
2006 — 2008
Web Designer at Webworks Internet
2005 — 2006
Freelance Web Designer at Unobtrusive Ltd