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Ana Moreno

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Design partner for early-stage companies
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Context switching is poison for productivity. When you get that brilliant idea or see something inspiring, you should be able to take smart notes without switching app or tabs. That’s Lazy. One ⌘ shortcut to capture anywhere.


Passport Natura 2000 empowers you to unleash your inner explorer with a unique gamified experience.

Think of PN2000 as your digital passport for adventure. It's your guide to exploring the vast Natura 2000 network of protected areas. As you wander, discover QR codes cleverly blended into nature that you can scan to collect stamps.

Each stamp you collect unlocks new locations and reveals more info in your app. It's like a game – the more stamps, the better! And yes, there's a fun leaderboard to keep track of your adventure progress.

Leading the design for the app, website, and brand identity, I worked hand-in-hand with developers and an illustrator, combining creativity with a seamless user experience.

Website for Attio

Attio gives you all the tools you need to build the perfect CRM for your team. Sync your email & calendar and build a CRM within minutes.

The project focused on reimagining Attio's website and brand, beginning with a homepage refresh, introducing new pages, and completely overhauling its documentation.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
2021 — 2022
2020 — 2021

Clients include Segment, SteelSeries, Retool, ClearMotion

2018 — 2020
2016 — 2016

AI algorithms applied to generative design


2016 — 2017


Gold German Design Award 2024

Passaporte Natura 2000