Amie Chen

Amie Chen

Product, Design, System in Kirkland, Washington, She/her

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I'm a designer, developer and entrepreneur. In 2018 I was recognized as the top 10 women makers by Maker Mag and interviewed by Indiehackers. One of my recent projects was featured on the front page of HackerNews and ProductHunt.
Currently I'm a senior product desginer @Auth0 by Okta; previously @Twitch and @Signal.



Work Experience

2022 — Now

• Help building a design system that's fully adopted by the product organization
• Help fostering an ecosystem of partners and developers by shipping tools like partner portals.
• Establish and facilitate regular design workshops for teams to align on product visions.
• Conduct user research for better design decisions and product planning.

2020 — 2021

• Lead design system projects for product and marketing
• Design the end-to-end experience and help launch Streamlit Share
• Establish the product direction and shape our design language as the first design hire
• Design, prototype interactive web animations for marketing websites

2017 — 2018
San Francisco

• Design and develop web apps and sites that support Twitch's marketing goals. Own these projects from start to launch.
• Work closely with multiple teams to brainstorm and develop new ways to connect with our audience.
• Improve the existing systems by optimizing the tools and workflows.

2015 — 2017

• Identify problems and design practical UI/UX solutions.
• Conduct impromptu whiteboard sessions for design and programming discussions. Organize critiques and improve design iteratively.
• Implement front-end and back-end logic in any language that makes sense.
• Collaborate with all teams to create a stable, scalable solution.
• Code review and pair programming on daily basis.
• Triage production issues and support customer service team.

2012 — 2014

• Identify problems and rapidly iterate from wireframes to a working prototype.
• Establish and refine a company-wide design process.
• Develop front-end infrastructure for the web and mobile applications.
• Maintain the front-end code quality.
• Create product style guide to establish consistent design language.
• Improve existing design by conducting user testing session and analyzing test data.



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Pretzel is Mac desktop app that shows and find keyboard shortcuts based on your current app.


Download any color palette from dribbble into Sketch.


Made several templates and resources for Codrops, the popular creative development site.


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