Alec Vierra

Alec Vierra

Art Director, Photographer in New York


Passionate and diligent creative specializing in creative production, and empowering brands and people with concise, expressive visuals.

Work Experience

2019 — Now
New York, Los Angeles
  • Manages various teams of 3-10 people translating creative direction into a production environment. Usually in a short time frame with creative solutions that worked for multiple media types and deliverable formats

  • Responsible for creative deliverables for major fashion houses, banks, and airlines, often on back-to-back schedules with diverse and changing needs day-to-day

  • Interfaces with client and creative teams on set and ensures a positive experience and motivation when on location of large-scale productions for video and photography

  • Aligns with producers over budget and creative ability worked to negotiate flexibility between production and various vendors

  • Researches and supplements creative both with visuals and his own knowledge base to guide teams to successful campaigns across organic and paid media

  • Connecting various teams honed a cultural awareness and ability to collaborate needed to navigate new teams of people each day. Each team has different sensibilities, tastes, and desires from their reference material and social working environment to be matched day by day

    Served in this role for clients such as Apple, JP Morgan Chase, Airbnb, IBM, Netflix, Nike, St Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and many more.

2020 — Now
Creative at Self
New York, Los Angeles

Proficient with:

Adobe Suite, Photoshop, Indesign, Bridge, Premier

Notion, Eagle, Ar*na, Capture one and have provided various clients with onboarding to this software to streamline their in house creative



Made a long-form documentary project during the pandemic by connecting with a fringe community in the California Desert




Parsons School of Design
New York