Adrian Keim

Adrian Keim

Product Designer in Maine, they/them

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I'm an interdisciplinary designer, developer, photographer, and artist with a passion to make computing friendlier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Note: The name I use differs from my current legal name.


Latapals Symbols at Latapals

The open-source icon library made for Latapals projects and anyone that needs an icon pack for their projects.

Kitt Design at Latapals

An open-source design system and component library made for Latapals projects.

Side Projects

Aetinx Flags

An extensive flag pack, with flags for nations, micronations, languages, ideologies, and other things. Planned to become open-source once released.


Q3 Student Work Performance Award: Broadcast & Multimedia Prod. from Mid-Maine Technical Center

"for Demonstrating Initiative, Leadership, and Strong Work Ethic"

Certificate of Achievement: Computer Science 3 from High School

"In recognition of outstanding achievement"

Work Experience

2016 — 2024
World Wide Web

Founded in 2016 (when I was 10), Latapals was an indie team of designers and developers creating helpful web apps and JavaScript libraries.


2022 — Now
Farmington, Maine

One of 139 students in the state of Maine to attend a six-week (2023) and three-week (2022) program in Farmington to plan and prepare for higher education. You have to be nominated to join.

2023 — 2024
2023 — 2024
Waterville, Maine

Attended a nationally accredited vocational program to gain more knowledge in photography, videography, photo editing, and graphic design.

CTE Broadcast & Multimedia Production (High Honors Edition) from Mid-Maine Technical Center