David Reid

David Reid

Design in Hong Kong


David Reid, a designer ⌘ based in Hong Kong 香港 → Currently working at I.T as Head of UI/UX, previously Creative Director → Previously Head of Brand and Art Director of Grana ¶

Side Projects


Found is a conceptual live music streaming app. Found enables creators to live stream music sessions with voice, music or video to their fanbase allowing them to interact via live comments and joint voice hosting. The app uses Apple Music and Spotify APIs to stream music removing issues of ownership of music rights.


Push is a software application for desktop and mobile that acts as a single source of truth for your content data allowing you to schedule posts to various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Webflow, Primsic, YouTube and more.

Arkival at Manual Engineering

A tool for archiving and sharing the internet. Born from our need to save our bookmarks more elegantly. The web app is comprised of multiple products:

• Front-end application built with React
• Back-end application written in Laravel
• Micro-service redis queue for capturing website screens using Puppeteer
• Chrome extension for the user to capture the page

Arkival was designed and developed by myself, Adam Gee and Sheldon Li as Manual Engineering. Currently in working beta and used by us as our primary personal and business bookmarking tool.


“Gathering, documenting, and preserving branded merch into a permanent archive of objects collected from individuals, communities, and institutions.”

As brand merchandise becomes a more popular revenue stream for creators, we wanted to create a place to document and curate the products that interest us the most.

Myrch.Club is a side project made with Adam Gee & Sheldon Li as Manual Engineering.


Work Experience

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