Adam Gee

Adam Gee

Web Developer in Hong Kong


Dedicating my life to calculating how many times a heart can break.

Side Projects


A throng of people building things.

Arkival at Manual Engineering

A tool for Arkiving the internet, it is born from our need to save our bookmarks in an elegant way. The web app is comprised of multiple products.

• Front-end application built with React
• Back-end application written in Laravel
• Micro-service redis queue for capturing website screens using Puppeteer
• Chrome extension for the user to capture the page


Seen Sounds is a library of visuals formed to chronicle & glorify the art of turning sound into sight.

A custom React/Gatsby/Prismic build for Dave Reid


Gathering, documenting, and preserving branded merch into a permanent archive of objects collected from individuals, communities, and institutions.

Work Experience

2019 — 2021
Hong Kong

E-commerce sites for IT, :CHOCOOLATE and A Bathing Ape

2011 — 2015
Front-end developer/web developer at Mooshin Studios
2004 — 2005



The New Moon is a wellness platform for content, community, and curated objects for a journey to healing through self discovery using the lenses of body, mind, spirit, and life.

Editorial site using GatsbyJS and SanityIO.


Nute Foods is a brand creating nutritious foods to help people live healthier lives. They are a start-up looking to scale up operations by allowing their customers to order online.

The front-end utilises Shopify's Storefront API for an all custom React/GatsbyJS experience. Admins manage the store using Shopify and Prismic CMS.

Get Happy at

A platform connecting prominent people with the community, all for a good cause.

The front-end was built using ReactJS and accessed a Craft Commerce CMS headless instance.

Interactive Props at Directors Guild of Canada

• Worked on multiple projects creating interactive
props for TV series and movies.

• Wrote Flash applications using action script to
simulate use of computers.

• Projects include: Enemy (2013) directed by Denis
Villeneuve, Hemlock Grove (2013), Netflix original
series, and Sicario (2015), directed by Denis




Myrch featured on for website inspiration

2021 was included on the homepage as an experimental website. It was noted to have 'a few neat touches.'



2022 — Now
Hong Kong

Develop a modern website to help promote the mission of the organisation, which is to help support foster children in the community.