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Profiles is so nice to use that it made me sit down, think through, and actually make a proper standalone collection of work for the first time in 10 years.

Jonas Maaløe
Lead Product Designer in Berlin

I've met quite a few people through that have slowly turned into awesome connections. The chill, low-friction format has made it natural to connect with new people.

Leland Foster
Product Designer in Rhode Island

More than a resumé

Profiles are designed to showcase more than just your work history and education. Stand out with sections like side projects, writing, speaking, and more.

Show, don't tell

Sometimes your work can't be summarized in a paragraph. Embed photo and video galleries, tag collaborators, or create entire case studies right on your profile.

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Looking for a new opportunity? Hiring someone for your team? Add a status update to get feedback and replies from the community.

Connect with others

Find an awesome profile? Follow them to keep up to date with their work, or reply to an experience that sparks a conversation.

Personal domains

Personal domains are available to all supporters. Use personal domains to add your own URL to your profile, and customize the look and feel with themes.

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