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Our team has already made two full time design hires through — it's a great place to find high quality candidates who really care about their craft.

I love coming to to intermittently check for job posts. Since is a design-led platform, it's easy to trust that the company values design.

Kristen Chon
Product designer in San Francisco
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The moment your job listing is published it will be added to the front page and job board, as well as the sidebar of our community app Posts. has become a cultural hub for finding interesting projects from around the web.

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Publishing a job listing on guarantees it a spot in our newsletter once per subscription cycle (1 month). Our growing newsletter has an audience of +56k readers, a 40% open rate, and 3% click through rate (data based on Q2 2023).

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Job listings are also shared on our Twitter account and automatically published to our Discord server.

Audience is primarily focused on professionals in the fields of engineering, product, and design. You'll be sharing your job listing with an audience that values craft and the tools they use, and often choose our platform because of the focused experience and like-minded community.


Job listings start at $99USD per month, with 50% discounts available to pre-series A startups and small to medium sized studios. Please contact if your team is eligible for a discount.

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