Abe Yang

Abe Yang

Motion UX Designer in Bay Area

Doin' some magical stuff with Framer & Rive! twitter.com/abeyang/status…

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I design products and build websites.
I bring both to life with motion ✨

I also love teaching and mentoring eager learners.

Side Projects


Released a free Framer & Rive template to the community. Contains a few cool items:
→Mix of Rive and Framer Motion
→Utilizes the new Framer scroll feature
→Code overrides to add extra pizazz


Worked with Ridd to create animation assets for the main Dive website. Tight turnaround, but super rewarding!

Wrote a bit of the behind-the-scenes here: twitter.com/abeyang/status…


Animated the "noodle" piece by Fons, and created a series of Rive tutorials based off the animation.


Updated my portfolio using a combination of Framer and Rive. Just in time for #framerawards2022


Created a "browser" with Framer to easily preview remixable Framer pages.


*Unofficially* added some motion magic to an otherwise *very* magical site!


App Critique and Redesign at Design@UCR
UC Riverside
Figma Workshops
Design Workshop at Citrus Hack
UC Riverside

Work Experience

2014 — Now
Senior Motion UX Design at DuckDuckGo

I was hired back when design was still at its infancy at DuckDuckGo. Currently, I'm the Lead in 
Motion Design.

  • Experienced in working and communicating effectively across multiple timezones after 7+ years of working remotely
  • Led design team in user testing and research in how illustrations and motion designs impact brand.

Coordinated company-wide efforts in integrating motion and animation to all levels:

  • Animated icon sets for our desktop and mobile apps and designed motion pieces for web.
  • Worked closely with developers of each field to ensure that playback was as smooth as possible.
  • Created a process that sped up the workflow from design → motion → dev;
Specifically, Figma → After Effects → web / app / mobile
  • Created a motion design system, so that our animations are unified across the different products and platforms (currently work in progress).
  • Helped craft the UX and design the UI for two key products.


BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA



Gracepoint Ministries