Alexander Antonov

Alexander Antonov

Product Designer in Sofia, Bulgaria

Work Experience

2018 — 2020
2014 — 2018
2012 — 2013
2011 — 2012
Designer & Developer at Willoughby Stewart Associates
Bournemouth, UK



Since 2023, I've been leading the redesign of Nansen's powerful onchain analytics platform. We rebuilt the product from the ground up to make it 10x faster and easier to use. Along the way, we made significant improvements to the navigation and dashboard UX, introduced a new Search / Command Center that lets you find anything onchain in lightning speed, and shipped new AI-powered features like Smart Segments and Signals. We also unveiled a new brand identity, created in collaboration with DesignStudio.

Nansen 2 is now in open beta — find out more here.


Part of the team at Instrument that worked on Purple's new digital presence and design system.


In 2021, I was part of the Instrument team that partnered with Thorn to create the Thorn for Parents resource hub. The role fo the platform is to equip caregivers with the tools they need to have meaningful and engaging conversations with their kids about difficult topics related to device usage and online behavior. We created a rich educational experience centered around key topics and conversation scripts, building a flexible component-based system along the way.


Worked on the digital presence of Parsley Health. As part of the Instrument team, I helped build a design system that emulates their holistic approach to healthcare.


I worked with the Instrument team for 6 months to help design the Facebook for Business experience, allowing companies and individuals around the world to set and track goals. I took part in designing a flexible design system of components for marketing pages, an engaging onboarding flow and a dashboard for members.

Instagram at Instrument

Over the course of 3 months, I worked with the Instrument team on the redesign of Instagram’s company website. I contributed with visual concept explorations, motion studies and design of individual modules and pages.


A pro-active campaign by a small team at NEXT-DC that unites football fans in the fight against racism.


Mobile experience for a pop-up museum. The artworks contained no information or names of the exhibits. Visitors relied solely on their senses and experienced the artworks free from the influences, which an author’s name and reputation bring.


A collection of conversations with people from different fields of work and with diverse lifestyles. The goal of Quotes is to find opinions and insights about the ever-changing world and present inspiring stories. That’s why Quotes is not looking at the famed ones, but at those whose work quietly pushes the world forward.


2008 — 2011
BA(Hons) Interactive Media at Bournemouth University
Bournemouth, UK


Young Lions Bulgaria Winner from Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Young Lions Bulgaria winner from Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity




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