Mykhailo Marynenko

Mykhailo Marynenko

s/w h/w engineer & visual artist in LA


Ukrainian software, hardware engineer, researcher & visual artist; passionate about modern, scalable apps, security research, and projects fusing tech, art, and human interaction.

Bug Bounty from NDA

Bug bounty for one of the MAANG companies, a high-severity vulnerability in authorization-related microservice.



Work Experience

2024 — Now
Los Angeles, United States
2023 — Now
2023 — 2024
New York, United States

I co-invented/developed a censorship-resistant connectivity SDK that allows for internet access in various scenarios, including situations where internet freedom is limited. This technology significantly transforms how we look at internet architecture, enabling faster and more reliable internet connectivity in diverse end-user conditions. As a result, I am named as a co-inventor on a patent for this technology. In addition, I covered a wide range of scopes, including desktop, backend, and a tiny bit of hardware development, frontend, and DevOps.

2020 — 2023

Backend, security, infrastructure, and innovation engineer.

2021 — 2023

Cloud solutions architect, full-stack development, web3, and security.

2020 — 2022

I created a real-time scalable media streaming broker with a custom in-house media codec for efficient compression and distribution in unreliable networks. The product featured facial recognition, personalization, and analytics for retail. I sold the intellectual property instead of starting a business due to lack of interest.

2022 — 2022
Consulting Software Engineer at INTERNETWORKING STOCKHOLM AB
Kyiv, Ukraine
2015 — 2021
Full-stack Engineer at Freelance/Contractor

As a full-stack engineer, I have had the opportunity to work on over 30 projects of varying sizes and complexities.  My work has ranged from small websites for local businesses to alpha prototypes for early-stage startups in the US, web3 projects, as well as consulting for large Ukrainian companies on security, cloud, and software architecture.  Through these experiences, I have honed my skills in developing scalable and robust solutions that meet each client's unique needs. I take pride in my ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, while also maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail.  My experience as a freelance engineer has allowed me to work with a diverse range of clients, each with their own set of requirements and goals. This has given me a unique perspective on problem-solving and a deep understanding of the importance of effective communication and collaboration in achieving success. Stack during these projects has been diverse: PHP, Node.js, NW.js, Cordova, Capacitor, Angular, React, Vue,  Electron, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, and various AWS and Azure services such as CosmosDB, DynamoDB, ECS, and SQS and more.

2019 — 2020
Kyiv, Ukraine

Full-stack development, DevOps, mobile and cloud architecture.


Visual artist at Party in Scarlet, Blivande
Stockholm, Sweden

Live-coded (GLSL) projections and lights on stage for a musical event.

Stockholm, Sweden

Live-coded projections (WebGL) and lights (ArtNet/DMX) on stage for a musical event.

GitHub: 0x77dev/halloween-event